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TFV8 glass drip tip
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09-11-2018, Saat: 07:57
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Quality led headlights je...
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09-11-2018, Saat: 07:56
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Parking Management Softwa...
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09-11-2018, Saat: 07:55
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good quality Handheld Det...
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China Fiber Optic Rotary ...
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09-11-2018, Saat: 07:51
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Bridge Crane in stock
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09-11-2018, Saat: 07:50
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buy Instruments and Meter...
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China BBQ set suppliers
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AC to DC power adapter
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09-11-2018, Saat: 07:46
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China Farm Implement
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06-11-2018, Saat: 11:35
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  TFV8 glass drip tip
Yazar: tjy - 09-11-2018, Saat: 07:57 - Forum: Dualar - Yorum Yok

We are one-stop solution for vape accessories
Founded our company in Shenzhen at the edge of China(April, 2015). Here we have the best preconditions to deliver everything you need combined with the speed, price and possibilities of China. This area called “Factory of the World” is the world’s biggest and fastest growing region for manufacturing, prototyping and production. We are connected to a network of the world’s best factories for all kind of products in all quantities, a broad network for sourcing different logistic providers for fast global shipping.
currently supplying various electronic cigarette accessories to vape wholesalers/distributors/chain stores world wide.
Vivismoke Main Business
> One stop supply a wide range of Vape accessories products.
> Provide Professional Customization Services.
With various of vape accessories supply, we try to help all our customers to order easier and more convenient.
To save more money and time,to have a fantastic experience.
ViviSmoke Partners are from many countries over the world
(Details on the bottom of home page).
Vivismoke Mission
1.Provide various kinds of products with good price & high quality to enrich vape life.
2.Offer professional personalized, customized services for our clients.
3.Help our clients to develop their business to the further step.
4.Keep improving with newest products,never stop developing newer and better products.
Our sales team
Professional, Efficient,Friendly
Always grateful to all our customers.
Believe in “growing together and going further together”TFV8 glass drip tip

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  Quality led headlights jeep wrangler
Yazar: tjy - 09-11-2018, Saat: 07:56 - Forum: Dualar - Yorum Yok

VEHICLERGB-Kindle Industry Limited founded in 2013, we focus on innovating vehicular smart LED lighting solutions. Make driving easier and safer.  
We are glad to supply you with the best products and service.
Major products are including 7 inch LED Headlights, Front Fog Lights, DRL, Work lights, Auxiliary Light bars, and Portable Work lights etc.
In particular, we are focusing on the smart lighting. The smart series products are including LED controller, headlights, light kits, light pods, and RGB series etc. All the research we are doing is to improve the safety on the road. Make all the lights become smart.
Our factory has established the quality management system ISO 9001: 2008. We are having 3 production lines, and the monthly capability of each will be 1 million dollars. The plant is established 6S management system. All the raw materials are stored according to the ISO 9001:2008. We will keep improving the management, optimizing the production line and offer the better work condition for the workers at the same time.
Sealing is done in the clean booth by automatic dispenser. This will minimized the dust. It is 100 thousands grade cleans workshop and is 10 times efficient than the traditional clean room to minimize the dust. We are trying the offer the customers the perfect products and ensure they buy what they paid.
Fixture, the headlights will be fasten for 8 hours to ensure the glue dry completely. It is the key procedure to make sure the waterproof function. The fixture could make sure the covers stressed evenly and sealed.
The test items of finish products are including volt, current, functions, and vibration. The outlook of each light will be checked carefully. The visible spot, dust or other defect isn't acceptable on the surface. After these above, they will be packed and be perfect.
As more than 8 years experiences working at the world's leading Auto lighting company (OSRAM/Valeo), Our R&D team can offer professional design all in one. Such as optics solutions, heating solutions and power supply solutions etc.Quality led headlights jeep wrangler

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  Parking Management Software wholesale
Yazar: tjy - 09-11-2018, Saat: 07:55 - Forum: Dualar - Yorum Yok

Parking fee software
Parking fee software is a professional application specially for the parking lot which has various requirements due to different conditions. 
Usually the parking fee software includes: VIP members(free parking), monthly users(pay monthly fee each month), hourly visitors(pay temporary fee according to parking duration), the parking rates could calculated based on the rush hours or rest hours, and first hour fee and consequence hours fee, overnight fee etc, the rates is programmed by the customer himself. 
The report of the software provides parking events, hourly visitors parking result(along with images and enter/exit time, parking fee), monthly users charge list. The manager could query:
· Vehicle number
· Enter time
· Exit time
· Parking fee
· Operator ID
· Lane number
· Discount type
This software could have more customization functions:
· Preserved area parking within the parking lot(higher parking rate)
· A certain people has the privilege to access a certain parking area
· Monthly user having 2 or more cars,but only 1 vehicle can enter during a period
· Discount for customer shopping
· Parking discount types: parking hours discount, parking fee discount, total fee free
Please contact with us if you have further requests. 
 Parking Management Software wholesale

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  good quality Handheld Detacher
Yazar: tjy - 09-11-2018, Saat: 07:53 - Forum: Dualar - Yorum Yok

Optical alarm security tag detacher/key/remover
Size: 95mm
Special for optical tag
Material: plastic and metal
Why choose us ? 
1. 8 year experience for EAS RF hard tag, original manufacturer ensure competitive price and high efficient delivery.
2. ABS material, all material is of high quality and environmental friendly.
3. Two-year warranty.
4. Accept customers' design and OEM order.
Certificategood quality Handheld Detacher

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  China Fiber Optic Rotary Joint manufacturers
Yazar: tjy - 09-11-2018, Saat: 07:51 - Forum: Dualar - Yorum Yok

FCN Fiber optic rotary joint Series  
Fiber optic rotary joint provides the best solution for the data transmitting for rotary connections systems.It is suitable for application which needs transmitting large datas or signals from static device to rotary position when continuous or intermittent rotating. optic electrical rotary joint could improve mechanical performance, simplify operation and avoid the data loss during rotating. It is optional together with traditional slip ring to transmit power and high speed data. Relying on CENO's strong R&D ability and experienced engineering team,more and more fiber optic rotary joint model are coming out. 
Non-contact technic is the advantage of this series rotary joint.This technic ensures long life span and the high rotation speed becomes more easy in this fiber optic rotary joint series.1 to 22 channels with multi-mode and single mode are optional.More specification are researched to satisfy customers’ demands.Connector type are varied.Low insertion loss assure reliable performance.They are popular to combine electrical slip ring into one design.
Model selection
Model ODxLength(mm)Number of ChannelFiber Type
FCN01-6S 6.8x221SM /MM /MIX
FCN01-6 6.8x221SM /MM /MIX
FCN01G-12 12.7x33.61SM /MM /MIX
FCN04G-67 67x122.52~4SM /MM /MIX
FCN02-20 20x105.52MM only
FCN0203-44 44x110.72.3SM /MM /MIX
FCN0203-44R 44x238.42.3SM /MM /MIX
FCN0407-44L 44x144.24.7SM /MM
FCN0407-44 44x136.24.7SM /MM /MIX
FCN0508G-67 67x149  5-8   SM /MM /MIX
FCN0307-67 67x125.53.7SM /MM /MIX
FCN0819-67 67x168.38.19SM /MM /MIX
FCN2048-92 92x24720-48SM /MM
                    Vessel                                    Motion simulator China Fiber Optic Rotary Joint manufacturers

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  Bridge Crane in stock
Yazar: tjy - 09-11-2018, Saat: 07:50 - Forum: Dualar - Yorum Yok

Single girder overhead bridge crane can be constructed with either structural steel beams (W flange beams) or welded steel plates, commonly known as box girders. Most bridge cranes up to 60 - 65’ span are constructed of structural steel.
The type of bridge girder is determined by considering both the span and capacity of the application. Box girder cranes have a very light weight to span ratio and in many cases can reduce the size of the runway and building structure required to support them as well as reduce the cost of the crane itself. The KIWICRANE engineering team can determine which design is right for your application.
· Best utilized where reliability and long term maintenance savings are important
· Generally move at higher speeds than underhung cranes
· Excellent headroom
· Available in 1 to 20 ton capacities with spans that can exceed 85 ft.
· Powered overhead bridge crane can be shipped preassembled and receive an operation check prior to leaving the shop.
· Radio remote controls and pendants traveling along an independent track are available to keep operators a safe distance from the working load.
· Many sizes and capacities are pre-engineered for quicker delivery dates. 
Design Details of single girder Overhead Bridge Crane
The wheels on top running bridge crane operate on either ASCE crane rail, square, or rectangular rail. They tend to have a longer wheel and bearing life expectancy than underhung cranes of the same type and capacity.
A top running overhead crane offer excellent headroom advantages over other styles of cranes due to the extra lift height that is gained by having the crane girder on top of the endtrucks rather than suspended from the bottom of the trucks as in underhung applications.
A top running single girder crane that require spans to exceed 60 to 85 ft. are likely to be a box girder constructed crane. Box girder cranes have a very light weight to span ratio and in many cases can reduce the size of the runway and building structure required to support them. These cranes are often referred to as mono box bridge cranes.
Single girder motorized bridge crane utilizes underhung hoists such as electric chain, wire rope, and air. All motorized bridge cranes include electric festoon systems unless otherwise specified.
Contact Us
For more information on our complete line of overhead bridge cranes and hoists please
Call/whatsapp:+8613865918886, or fill out quote forms.
KIWICRANE professionals are always standing by ready to serve you.Bridge Crane in stock

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  buy Instruments and Meters
Yazar: tjy - 09-11-2018, Saat: 07:49 - Forum: Dualar - Yorum Yok

IKS PVD Technology (Shenyang) Co.,Ltd
IKS PVD Technology (Shenyang) Co.,Ltd is one of the leading suppliers of vacuum equipments and solutions. As an integrated high-tech enterprise, the scientists and engineers inside have focusing on the Physical vapor Deposition (PVD) for almost 20 years and successfully designed and developed ZY series of vacuum coating system. IKS mainly engaged in providing vacuum coating solutions, vacuum coating machines, and a variety of vacuum components such as vacuum chamber, vacuum valves, vacuum pumps, sputtering targets, vacuum power source, high performance arc source and so on.
R&D is the soul of IKS
With a R&D team composed by a group of experienced experts, IKS pays attention to the development of independent intellectual property rights. By applying our patented technology and unique technology to equipments, IKS greatly improves the advancement, safety, convenience, efficiency and service life of the system.
Product quality is the kernel
IKS has a full range of seasoned technicians who are talented in machining, welding, assembling and debugging of vacuum equipment. So the technical performance of our products has always maintained the leading status. Also, IKS has passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification.
High-quality service is the guarantee
IKS is always ready to meet your special requirements. We will provide unique and creative coating solutions to ensure your leading position in the field. We have provided hundreds of vacuum coating equipments to Suncor, Foxconn, Eliten, etc.
IKS sincerely looks forward to cooperate and develop together with customers all over the world.
 buy Instruments and Meters

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  China BBQ set suppliers
Yazar: tjy - 09-11-2018, Saat: 07:47 - Forum: Dualar - Yorum Yok

Our History
HELLOKNIFE, a professional manufacturer in premium-grade stainless steel dinnerware and kitchenware, started with a dream and desire to create something new, something of consequence, something lasting. 
In HELLOKNIFE's vision, dinnerware and its soul are "not only or for the dining table" but they are designed and produced to be artistic a pleasure to enjoy, to care for and to inherit. Since founded in 2005, with the idea of creating classics for the dining table, we have created a stainless steel product line which combines functionality and design, including kitchen knives, cutlery, kitchen tools, BBQ etc. 
Now we have owned a series of distinctive products with international patent. Most of them were sent to famous design contests overseas, and the "KAIKO" series was awarded the IF 2010 Design Awarded Germany, where all well know international house ware brands compete. 
As a manufacturer, OEM and ODM are also available. Your own idea will be fulfilled form  conception to completion here. HELLOKNIFE  is young, but it is easy to remember, for its own elegant style, nice forged technology and perfect service.
Our Product
Cheese knife,  kitchen knife, cutlery , steak knife, carving set, salad servers, BBQ tools, cheese board, chopping board
Product Application
Kitchen , hotel ,  restaurant,  table , wedding , canteen
Our Certificate
IF design award
Production Market
Europe area , USA , Australia etc.,China BBQ set suppliers

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  AC to DC power adapter
Yazar: tjy - 09-11-2018, Saat: 07:46 - Forum: Dualar - Yorum Yok

Detailed Product Description
Item Name:Universal Wall Mount AdapterApplication:Router
Approval:CE|RoHS|FCC|UL|SAAProtection:Short Circuit|Over Voltage|Over Current
EMI Standards:FCC Part 15 Class BFrequency:50Hz / 60Hz
Input:100-240VacOperating Temperature:0~40℃
Output:3-12V 2500MAPlug:EU|US|SAA
DC Cable:22AWG, Copper, Length: 1.2M
Fatcory wholesale USB 5V1A universal ac/dc allmount adapter 2500MA  
Applications:used for cordless phone, sphygmomanometer,repeater etc.
3-12V Multi-voltage Output Charger, EU Plug, USB 5V 1A, 2500mAh, 6 Tips in conformity with CE, RoHS, FCC.
Input: AC3-12V, 1.2A max. 
Frequency: 50/60Hz 
Output: DC3-12V  2500MA
DC Cable: 22AWG, Copper, length: 1.2M 
Plug: EU, US, UK,AU
NameSwithing power Adapter 12v 2.5a
Model numberWallmount Adapter12v 2.5A
Input voltageAC90-240V
Input frequency47-63 Hz
Output voltage12V
Output current2.5A
Output power30w
DC dimension5.5x2.5X12mm
Warranty1 year
CertificateCE/ ROHS/FCC/SAA
-High efficiency: >82%; 
-Protection: Short circuit protection, over voltage protection, over current protection. 
-MTBF: 50,000 hours. 
Approval: CE, RoHS, FCC 
Warranty: 2 years
This is an universal laptop AC Adapter come with single output tip 5.5x2.1x10mm. It has high efficiency as well as steady performance. The tip size and plug type can be changeable. 
Note:Use indoor only.   
Competitive Advantage: 
-Open private model w/o extra cost for you; 
-0.3% free backup of order quantity; 
-Direct factory price without middle man. 
-High performance-to-price ratio; 
-Perfect after-sale serviceAC to DC power adapter

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  China Farm Implement
Yazar: pati520ta - 06-11-2018, Saat: 11:35 - Forum: Haydi Tanışalım - Yorum Yok

7C Series Farm Trailer
As an ISO9000 certified tractor implement manufacturer in China, we at YTO have been devoted to providing reliable and economical tractor implement and tractor with loader since our very beginning.  
Model Load (kg) Matched power (HP) Overall dimension (mm) Tyre
7C-3.0 3000 25-35 4180×1680×2080 6.50-16
7C-4.0 4000 30-50 5300×2000×2100 7.50-16
7C-5.0 5000 50-100 5500×2100×2280 8.25-16
7C-6.0 6000 50-100 6000×2100×2280 9.00-16
7C-7.0 7000 50-100 6400×2100×2280 7.50-16
7C-10.0 10000 50-120 7000×2200×2380 8.25-16
7C series farm cart may apply to different area environment,trailer of different forms match the tractor of different type. The trailers of Hand leaning match the tractors of Hand leaning mainly , apply to mountain area , swamp and hills Partly trailers match middle、mini-type four wheels tractors mainly , applies to plain mountain area , farmland school assignment. Entire trailers match middle、large tractors, apply to the farmland , highway transportation。On trailer basis of every fundamental type ,our company has produced out the machinery and the hydraulic pressure self-discharging trailer , has improved efficiency in the late years.The mini-type self-discharging trailer is a retro-displacement self-discharging; And the middle、large-scale self-discharging trailer collapse by side direction or the hydraulic pressure to self-discharge 。The trailers that our company produced are composed of steel entirely,The outward appearance is exquisitely、artistic and unaffected , the structure is rational and compacted,sturdy and durable, be able to adjust the height,the machines are advantageous and reliable,are good assistant of mountain area friend。
YTO Certified
YTO are ISO9000, ISO14000 and ISO18000 certified, and YTO products are OECD, CE, and CCC certified. Products that meet EPA, E-mark, and GOST standards  
Q: Whats the after-service rules of YTO product?
A: YTO provide two years guarantee period for our distributors and customers.
YTO provide long-term spare Parts supply,at least 10 years.
 China Farm Implement

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